Dear Dr. Etemadi,

I wanted to send you this note as a letter of testament to the care and respect I was given when I first came into your office, and through the entire procedure I experienced.

Throughout my life, I had never has a pleasant experience with my dental appointments, whether it was for a routine check-up, or for any work that I needed on my teeth. My experiences were so negative, that it had been 7 years since I set foot in any dental office. I can honestly say that I can reasonably cope with most high anxiety situations, but I truly struggled with going to the dentist, I hated it.

Obvious neglect due to fear, along with teeth that badly needed fixing, is what brought me to your office. Dr. Bill Mulliken referred me after a much needed check-up. He (by the way is fantastic as well) assured me that you held the same level of respect and care that he demanded be exhibited at his office …that is how I ended up at your clinic.

Anyhow, after a 2.5 hour visit, 2 root canals later, I can say that I have never had dental work done that was so easy, and completely pain free…even after I woke up from my sedation surgery, I had no pain, no swelling, no nothing! Again, this is a first for me since I have in the past experienced just the opposite, that being lots of pain, anxiety, fear, and days, or weeks of physical and emotional recovery time. For me sedation surgery was the best, and amazing…it seemed like the whole process only took a few minutes!

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the level of respect that I felt, and for you and them being so kind and gentle. Each staff member listened, and demonstrated genuine concern for my emotional and physical well being.

Thanks for being a great physician, for having a wonderful staff, and for making my experience pain and fear free! You will certainly be my recommendation to all my friends and family.